Attorney Profile

Charles H. Shivers, Esq.

Attorney Charles H. Shivers is a seasoned trial attorney and an accomplished courtroom veteran. Prior to opening his practice in April of 2017, Mr. Shivers spent over a decade as a public defender, in jurisdictions as varied as San Diego, Fresno, Kings, and Monterey counties. During his lengthy public service, Mr. Shivers developed a reputation for courtroom tenacity, an unwavering commitment and loyalty to his clients, and fearless advocacy on their behalf in front of some of the toughest judges and prosecutors.

A graduate of California Western School of Law, Mr. Shivers started his legal career in San Diego’s Alternate Public Defender’s Office, where he represented parents charged with abuse or neglect of their children in juvenile dependency proceedings. He continued his career in the Fresno Public Defender’s Office, where he acquired a wealth of experience in defending general misdemeanor and felony cases, and excelled especially in creative defense of DUI cases at trial.  Building on that experience, Mr. Shivers tried multiple other serious felony cases, ranging from white collar fraud and perjury to violent crimes, including a child molestation trial in Kings County, and gross vehicular manslaughter and first degree murder trials in Monterey County.

Now in private practice, Mr. Shivers applies his expertise and time-honed skillset to some of the most challenging problems faced by his clients. Whether wrongfully accused, overprosecuted, or marginalized by our criminal justice system, Mr. Shivers has a track record that proves it - he will fight for you!