Reviews for Charles H. Shivers, Attorney at Law


Review by Liz O.

Two of my employees had recent criminal trouble and Charles has been so helpful in navigating the system to obtain the best possible outcome. He is very knowledgeable and has good relationships in the courts.

Review by Anonymous

I was referred to Charles for a consult on a matter that I wasn't sure how to proceed with. Since it was my first attorney consult, Charles explained the legalities of my case in a way that was clear to me. He let me know what my options were. I had an upcoming arraignment that was postponed a couple weeks since I wanted to seek counsel. Charles reached out and collaborated with the District Attorney on my behalf to come up with an option for me that I was satisfied with. After sitting with him for 2 hours, he said he would contact me tomorrow just to follow up. I was a bit skeptical since I didn't hire him, I thought he wasn't going to call but he did. He called me the next day at work and helped me confirm what my next step was going to be in the legal process. Not once did he make me feel that he was trying to sell his services. He gave me so much more information than I expected. In the end, my matter didn't require hiring an attorney but if I ever find myself in a criminal matter, I would definitely hire Charles. I'd highly recommend his services to others. If you're looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced attorney, Charles is the one to hire. My family and I are very grateful for him.

Review by Marachelle J.

I only wish Mr. Shivers would widen his focus in order to be able to hire him for anything I need! He is THE BEST attorney I have ever dealt with. We in Monterey co. are lucky to have him available to represent us if need be. He was a public defender that had my son on his case load and spent the time and effort to see that my son was treated fairly and I couldn't have been more pleased the all round time and effort  he gave his client ( my son) and I will forever be thankful.

Review by Jay L.

Charles is a consummate professional and gives his all to his clients. A true class act-he is humble and shows genuine concern. After speaking with Charles concerning my fiancées case, I was assured we hired the right man. Leaving no stone unturned he won the case.

Review by Melissa P.

Charles not only demonstrates excellent professionalism, but also passion and a genuineness. I didn’t feel like a “case,” but a client who was confident in his promise to represent me well. He made sure I was well informed and encouraged me to contact him with Any questions or concerns. I would most certainly recommend Charles again and again.

Review by Chris L.

In my first conversation with him he was more interested in the circumstances of my case than his fee which was very reasonable. Hes a listener and very patient. I am an out of state client and he received for me the absolute best result I could possibly have gotten saving me any appearance in Court. He needs a fan club!

Anika T.

Charles is professional, experienced and passionate about defending his clients. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family charged with a criminal offense.


G. O.

Best attorney in the county hands down! Very knowledgeable, showing genuine concern in helping you out. It was definitely worth hiring Charles in my case. Highly recommend Mr. Shivers in assisting you in your case 100%

Calvin P.

Great legal representation!!! Although the justice system can be very intimidating, Attorney Charles H. Shivers made my experience bearable and the outcome was better than what I anticipated. Thank you Attorney Shivers.

Eric R.

The communication and professionalism from Mr. Shivers was always great. If I ever needed assistance again, I would not hesitate to contact him immediately.

Heather C.

Honestly I cannot recommend Attorney Charles Shivers enough, not only is he extremely knowledgeable in defense and the legal system, but he is genuinely invested in helping people. I felt completely lost and screwed over, and Charles listened to my whole story and assured me that even things I thought were beyond hopeless would turn out fine. I have never felt like someone was so completely on my team, ready to fight for me without judgement. The legal system is so intimidating and difficult to navigate, and I cannot even express how much his guidance improved my own life and well being. On top of that, he is proactive in checking in on clients cases and is extremely trustworthy in client confidentiality. He exceeded all my expectations in every way, even after reading the positive online reviews. No matter how bad or simple you think your situation may be, making a call to Charles Shivers is definitely the best decision you could make.


Charles was attentive, available and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.

Chris A.

I can't say enough good things about working with Charles. He's a great listener and excellent communicator. He was really great about explaining my legal situation in a simple terms. I would happily work with him again any day!


Every question of mine was answered in great detail, and it was ensured I understood what was discussed. I was left confident the attorney would provide the best service possible in assisting with my case.

Mario C.

I am sure all of us here in Monterey County have friends & famly who have their run in with the law every now and again. I have had my fare share and have been misrepresented several times by my own attorney, public & private. Charles Shivers was the only one that actually fought for me in the courtroom... and in result had my charges dropped! I felt helpless and afraid when I watched my arresting offciers lie on the stand about the day of my arrest, but Mr. Shivers did not rest until there was justice. It was something out of a Hollyood film seeing how he defends you in the courtroom. Please like and share his page so your loved ones know who to contact next time they're in trouble. Help them win their case!

Mae R.

Charles is a seasoned and skilled attorney. He shows compassion for his clients and has an accomplished track record. I would definitely use his services for his expertise in DUI, DWI, criminal defense, domestic violence, violent crime, sex crime, and more... you need an attorney you can count on!


I can't say enough good things about working with Charles. He's a great listener and excellent communicator. He was really great about explaining my legal situation in a simple terms. I feel he over delivered in what he said the outcome was going to be. I would happily work with him again any day! 


I called out of state looking for advice for a family friend in Salinas, CA. Charles stayed on the phone with me answering all the possible scenarios. When he wasn't sure about a question, as the original case is on the East Coast, with different laws, he would be honest and say I don't know. I found him to be knowledgeable, respectful and helpful. If we decide we need an attorney in Salinas, he will definitely call him.